Value For Money

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We keep worrying about recession and price hike for various commodities. The price of food has gone up many times. Prices of clothing and accessories have also gone up considerably. Rental accommodation has also become very expensive. The basic needs of any human being have all gone up making lives of“the well to do”, jittery and of“the not so well to do”miserable let alone the poor who have no say anyway.

While all the above is true have you ever wondered what a steal it has been for time immemorial we have been buying certain commodities which give us more value for money?

Needle and thread for instance considering the utility value is priced very low and has not changed much in decades. For that matter, a bottle of gum, better quality than ever before costs even less these days. Cellophane tape is another product that is being sold definitely at a very reasonable price. Safety matches are definitely more value for money. Telephony has become one of the best examples one can refer to while quoting“value for money”

A loaf of bread is still not expensive and is available for the common man.

What have really become expensive are the commodities which were freely available in the universe for humankind. We have been paying through our nose for pure drinking water and are in the midst of paying a price for non polluted air also. Environment has become the one major concern.


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