Which is The Best Browser Among Firefox, Chrome And Internet Explorer ?


This is a standard browser with most of the users one year ago. But things are changing now. User expects more features and benefits from browsers. But Internet Explorer is not satisfying such things in recent releases. But still, this can be considered as a safer browser among all the top browsers. So, any good professional can use Internet Explorer if he / she is not interested in added features.


Wow. What a good advancement from this browser in the past 3 years. Marvelous features and advantages are getting added to the browser. The browser in my opinion is faster than other popular browsers. But the only problem is that one will get attracted to lot of features like add-ons, skins etc available in this browser and finally ending up in some trouble.


In my opinion there is a flaw from Google. They have not considered the “user friendly” aspect in Chrome. Chrome is not so user friendly compared to other browsers. A new user finds difficult to locate some menu items or options. Also even the current version of Chrome carries some bugs which need to be resolved soon by Google. Still, the advantage is some added features. Also the performance is quite good compared to Internet Explorer.


This is a cool browser from Apple. All the features available with this browser are well appreciated by the internet surfers. Some features like Safari Reader, built in Bing search etc are more useful. The menu structure is also very pleasant to view and in this aspect it is far better than Mozilla and Internet Explorer. But still, they have to reach to each and every home or office and for that a good marketing strategy is required.

On overall, Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox are recommended browsers. One can go to other options also based on their end use and work environment.

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