How To Make A Baby Shower Diaper Cake

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For this article, I will be describing how to make the easier type of cake – the candle-rolled type. In this type each individual diaper is rolled. I make most of my cakes in a layered way, but this would be too long for this article. I do have a PDF file available teaching how I make my other cakes, you will have to contact me if interested.

First, you will need to take each diaper, lay it design side up and near you, and starting at the design side, roll the diaper up and secure with a rubber band.

Once you have all your diapers rolled and secured, take your cake board and, starting from the middle, stand up diapers until the cake board is full. You may want to do this in circles, securing each layer as you go out. Then secure the last ‘layer’ with a piece of curling ribbon.

Now, make you second tier a little smaller, and you third tier smaller than the second. Once you have all tiers made, stack them and insert at least three wooden dowels through from top to bottom to hold cake together. Now, take your fabric ribbon, cut it large enough to wrap around each tier with about an inch to spare. Now wrap it around the tier, and glue it into place. Do not glue it to the diapers, glue it to itself where it overlaps. Now, you can add a dab of glue to each tier adornment and attach to the ribbon. These adornments can be anything from wooden figures, to bows, curly ribbons, and more. See the end of the article for a link to many many more pictures to give you ideas.

Now, arrange your ‘icing’ on each tier, tucking in between the tiers. Once you are done icing your cake, you are ready to insert it in the basket bag, tie it with a ribbon or bow, and give it as a gift! You will now be the most popular person at the baby shower!


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