The Eve Online 14 Day Trial Experiment: Days 6 to 11

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My 14 day trial experiment in the science fiction space MMORPG Eve Online will be over in a few days. I have had fun and learned a lot about the game, but it looks very unlikely that I will be able to generate enough ISK to pay for a PLEX in 14 days. The many mistakes I made along the way, in addition to the restrictions on trial accounts, will ultimately cause me to fall short of my goal.

A Myriad Of Mistakes

I made lots of little mistakes, such as buying skills and equipment I didn’t need, making unnecessary trips to far away space stations, and using autopilot for a long time instead of manually flying to my destinations. On their own, each mistake wasn’t that big, but all of them added together really hurt my progress. I’m still learning little things every day that help me to do things faster and more efficiently, such as removing all of the other kinds of asteroids from my Overview screen so that I can quickly and easily find the ones I want.

Trial Account Restrictions

The Eve Online trial is not anywhere near as restrictive as most trials, but there is still quite a few skills that you can not learn with a trial account. Not being able to use the ships that have much bigger cargoholds severely limits those who want to do a lot of mining or trade runs.

To illustrate how limited the available trial account ships are, my current ship can hold a maximum of 1528 units of cargo. I have every cargohold upgrade possible for this ship, including three Medium Cargohold Optimization rigs that cost almost 4 million ISK each. A Badger, an Industrial ship that can’t be used by trial accounts, can hold 4,125 units of cargo before any upgrades. Mining Barges and Freighters can hold even greater amounts of cargo.

Another thing that is limited for trial accounts is the Planetary Interaction. You can only build structures on 1 planet with a trial account, whereas with the full version you can train your skills up to where you can build on 5 planets.  

Finishing Strong

I still plan on trying to make as much ISK as possible in the last 3 days of my trial account. I ended day 11 with only 10.5 million ISK, but I still have lots of items to sell on the market. I believe 100 million ISK is an attainable goal, so that is what I will pursue.

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