Monitoring Your Web Site Traffic – Where Your Visitors Come From

You see, if you want to build traffic on your website, you will be providing links and writing articles that are tracked and monitored. This will give you hits on your website and show you which sources need to be worked on so you can use them effectively. It is very important to know your strengths and weaknesses so that you are not wasting your time with things that just don’t work for you.

When you start optimizing your site and monitoring your website traffic, you will have the following information in your hands: the number of visitors, the number of unique visitors, location of users, browsers used, page views, and keywords that were used that led them to your site as well as sites which linked to you.There are a number of statistics programs that you can utilize to monitor your website traffic. While others are free to use, some need to be purchased and registered. Below is a list of statistics programs that you can try to check to find out the one that would work best for your website.

  • Google Analytics – This is an excellent tool you can utilize for free and works by pasting codes into your website. It also works with AdSense or AdWords if you have them as well.

  • StatCounter – This is very easy to use because all you need to do is insert a few codes to your website and that’s it. You are able to check your website statistics to monitor your website traffic by logging into their website.

  • Mint – This is not a free statistic programs but works a little more than the conventional trackers with “peppers” that you can add in to the program to display more kinds of stats. It also comes with an available widget for Mac users.

  • AWStats – Another great tool for analyzing statistics and monitor traffic for your website. However, this involves uploading the program into your own server that you can modify and customize on how you see fit.

  • Site Meter – This is another functional tracker that works in real time which also shows information such as who are your visitors or how they found you, the location they are from, and the things that intereststhem. A lot of online marketers make use of this statistics program.

  • Clicky – For real-time results for web analytics and website traffic monitoring, this paid program is highly recommended. It’s like keeping a pulse on all your website activity.

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