Easy to Implement Free Trafic Method – Produce Flood of New Visitors to Your Site

While this is all pretty good traffic and although it can produce a flood of new visitors to your site, it really takes a lot of hard work. On top of this, its a never ending process. this traffic rarely holds up for long and you are having to constantly do more to make more. While there are a lot of strategies for getting traffic to your website, I prefer to go after strategies that can really help me leverage my time and effort. There are 2 little known strategies that works very well and its really easy to implement.

Both these strategies are based on a very important principal in online business and that is relationships. Although most internet marketers like to lock themselves up in a basement somewhere, those that achieve great success are the ones that build real relationships.So, the first strategy is to approach your “competition” and get traffic from them. Huh? Yes! Since you are both targeting the exact same prospects it makes perfect sense that you “exchange” traffic right? The secret is to not go after your direct competition but instead to look for competitors that are complimentary to what you are selling. A great way to start doing this is to ask yourself which sites you prospects are likely to visit before they come to your site and which sites they are likely to visit when they leave your site. A great trick for this is to go to Alexa.com and type in your website address. Then look at the upstream and the downstream statistics. this will show you where your customers go before they get to you and where they go when they leave your site.

There are a number of strategies that you can employ. You can exchange banners with each other. You can agree on a mailing schedule for each others products or you can cross pollinate with webinars and lead captures. Some of the most lucrative marketing ventures rely on relationships like this and if you look at any of the big launches then you will see that it all relies on related businesses sharing their customers with each other. If you do it right, you will both benefit greatly and building relationships is a great way to build your long term business.

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