3 Important Tips on Finding a Legitimate Data Entry Job

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There has been a lot of skepticism on whether these online data entry companies actually work or if they’re just another scam to get your money.
Data entry is one of the more popular promoted ways of making money online in recent days. There are several different types of data entry jobs that are available online, however, the most sought after and debated is the non-traditional data entry jobs.
Non traditional data entry jobs are basically where you type ads for web companies online in order to generate sales for that company and in return you receive usually a 50 to 75% commission.
This can add up to quite a bit of money when generating multiple sales on a daily basis and of course this is the goal. But the real question is, does this really work?
I have done quite a bit of research on this topic in search for the truth and to see if this is real or just a gimmick and this is what I have found. Most of the data entry programs out there that say you can make from $200 a day and up are basically training programs. The basic fee is $50 for registration and what they provide you is a members area where you login and read through various tutorials with directions that tell you how and where to sign up for these online companies which are free to join and how to place ads for them and make money through different techniques. There are actually some really good ones out there that are legitimate and you can definitely make $200 a day and up if taught right.
These companies provide you with multiple ways to promote these online companies along with tools and several resources. Now of course anyone could go on the web and find these companies, sign up for them for free and do it without paying the $50 registration fee, however, trying to do this on your own would be like trying to perform surgery from a medical book. Unfortunately it just doesn’t work.
I would not consider these companies to be a scam, however some can be a bit misleading. When doing any type of business online, you cannot lose the good old common sense factor. No matter what you are told. Any program to where you can make such money is not going to be that easy. You should always expect that there is going to be some work involved.
Although there are literally hundreds of similar programs like this out there, you still have to watch out for the fake data entry companies. You can still be scammed by imitation sites so beware. I notice some of these companies have just copied some one elses website and really have no clue on what their doing or how to train you. They list only a few outdated techniques to be used with very vague directions on how to use them and this is the most important part of the training. If you don’t have a good teacher when learning how to make money online you are going to fail so this is to me the most important thing to look for when trying to find a good data entry company.
3 Important Tips on Finding a Legitimate Data Entry Job
1. Email the company and ask if their training includes either one on one phone support or email support.
If they don’t provide some type of extra training even via email that is a red flag that they don’t know what they are doing or just don’t care either way if you succeed or not.
2. Ask the company if there are any additional fees after the initial sign up fee.
Hidden fees are common and there should not be additional required fees with a company on the up and up.
3. Ask them how long they have been in business.
They should be in business at least 2 years (if not more.)
You don’t want to be taught by another newbie.
Believe it or not these 3 little things can tell you a lot about a company and whether their good or not.
If you are seriously interested in this type of work I would recommend a company I came across awhile back called Typist Jobs. They have been around for quite awhile and have a really good reputation for their training program and support team.


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