Can You Really Earn Money With a Home Typing Job?

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There are literally thousands upon thousands of job opportunities on the web and this is what makes it so hard to sift through. How can you tell which ones are legit and which ones are the scams if they are all telling you the exact same thing? What you need is a second opinion from someone who knows first hand which ones are legit and which ones aren’t.

I mean someone who has actually tried the program because I see a lot of people online that are entering forums and just ripping some companies apart simply from an opinion and with no real facts to back it up. So you really do need to be careful of whom you listen to on the internet. This is what motivated me to go ahead and try a few of them myself. I took what I was most interested in which was those home typing jobs.

so I joined quite a few of them to see what they were all about and this is what I found. There are all different kinds of data entry and home typing jobs out there however, the one I tried is basically just another word for affiliate marketing. What affiliate marketing entails is typing for web companies in order to promote their products. Then you earn a commission from any sales your ad generates for the company. This could be from any category such as business to business, health and fitness, shopping sites etc.. The idea is to generate multiple sales on a daily basis and this is how you can make from $200+ on a daily basis.

Between a total of 10 companies I tested in the past year I was only actually impressed with 2. The other 8 almost seemed identical as if they were owned by the same person because they all wanted me to invest more money as soon as I joined so that was not a good option for me and I doubt any one else wants to do that either so I was not impressed. However with the other 2 each of them actually provided me with several free and unique tools and techniques to use with a detailed step by step instruction manual and with this I was able to generate a nice monthly income.

For a recommended data entry program check out Typist Jobs. It is an excellent training program that is offered world wide and has a great support team as well.


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