Women: 50 Questions to Ask About That Guy You're Dating

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WOMEN:  50 Questions to Ask About that Guy You’re Dating

  1. Is he smart enough for me?

  2. Is he ambitious enough?

  3. Am I physically attracted to him?

  4. Can I see him being the father of my children?

  5. Is there sexual chemistry between us?

  6. Can I trust him to spend an evening alone with my best girlfriend?

  7. Am I compatible with his father?

  8. Can I get along with his mother?

  9. Has he ‘cut the cord’ with his mother?

  10. Is he capable of crying in front of me?

  11. Do I like his voice?

  12. When I’m sad and despondent, how does he comfort me?

  13. How does he react when I’m 20 minutes late for a date?

  14. Is he just a smooth talker, or a man of action?

  15. Can I genuinely respect this man, forever?

  16. Have I seen at least 10 facets of his character (and still like him)?

  17. How is he at managing money?

  18. What is he like when he is truly angry?

  19. Would he ever hit (or abuse) me?

  20. When my looks are fading, will he still be crazy about me?

  21. Out of his Top 10 hobbies, how many coincide with mine?

  22. Out of his Top 10 foods, how many coincide with mine?

  23. Would he be willing to go to the opera with me?

  24. Will he go see the latest ‘chick flick’ with me?

  25. Is he a good (and empathetic) listener?

  26. Is he a night owl, or a morning person?

  27. What is his idea of a relaxing vacation?

  28. What is the most dangerous stunt he would ever do?

  29. Might he (ever) have a gambling or drug problem?

  30. Is he a good kisser?

  31. How do I feel when he hugs me, or holds my hand?

  32. Why did things end with his last two (or three) relationships?

  33. What personality trait does he adore the most (in me)?

  34. What would he say is the most attractive feature about my body?

  35. In decision-making, does he tend to follow his heart, or his mind?

  36. Will he remember my birthdays, and our anniversaries?

  37. What is he like after 3 drinks?

  38. Is he fully over his last relationship?

  39. What is his most annoying habit?

  40. Are we spiritually compatible?

  41. Which is more valuable to him: time, love, or money (have him rank)?

  42. Can I get along with his close guy friends?

  43. How often does he like to make love?

  44. (Ask him): What is your most important goal in life?

  45. Can you see yourself growing old with him?

  46. If I get seriously disabled, will he stay with me and take care of me?

  47. Does he cherish me—in actions and words?

  48. What is his favorite movie (or book) and why?

  49. What is the meanest thing he would ever do to me?

  50. Do I really dig this guy?

Enjoy, and Good Luck!


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