Mma Fighter Profiles: Don Frye

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Considered as one of the most versatile Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter in recent memory, Don Frye also known by his moniker “The Predator” is among the early combatants of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fight cards. Apart from his exploits in the octagon, Frye also tried out wrestling for the New Japan Pro Wrestling company and professional boxing in which he had a record of 2-1 with one knockout win under his belt.

The 6-foot-1 Arizona, USA native started wrestling for Arizona State’s wrestling varsity squad in 1984. Nevertheless, because of better training equipments and technologies, Frye transferred to Oklahoma State where he became a teammate of future UFC legend, the charismatic Randy Couture.

In 1996, Frye had his biggest break as he was included in the roster of UFC 8. On that night, Frye set the record for fastest Knockout in a UFC match as he knocked out Puerto Rican MMA fighter Thomas Ramirez in just eight seconds. Hence, Frye would go on to win all of his three matches that night en route to winning the UFC 8 tournament.

Due to his exciting style and relentless display of strength and power, Frye instantly became a fan favorite and became one of the early faces of the UFC and the MMA sports as a whole.

Frye continued his winning ways, taking on bigger challenges and knocking out opponent after another. However, in his seventh fight in the UFC ring, Frye met a much stronger Mark Coleman. Frye tried his best to strangle Coleman but to no avail Coleman won the anticipated bout that lasted 11 grueling minutes.

On December 7, 1996, after winning the Ultimate Ultimate 96 title, Frye announced his retirement in UFC matches.

Upon leaving the UFC, Frye went to Japan to sign a contract with New Japan Pro Wrestling. Frye had huge success in wrestling, assuming the role of one of the top villains in Japanese wrestling. In an instant, Frye became one of the most popular wrestlers in Japan.

In 2001, after spending the last four years with Japanese wrestling, Frye made a comeback in MMA by crossing over to the PRIDE Fighting Championships where he assumed the alter ego, the Predator.

From then on, Frye would continue his career in MMA until his retirement in 2009. Frye had his best wins against the likes of Ken Shamrock in PRIDE 19 and Yoshihiro Takayama in PRIDE 21. Frye’s overall MMA record stands at 20 wins, 8 losses, 1 draw and 1 no contest.


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