Cockatiel: The Australian Small Cockatoo

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In my country, people call this bird Australian parakeet, due its size and origin. Actually Cockatiel is different with parakeet or budgie. The size of the bird is almost twice than budgerigar or parakeet. The cocktail is 30 cm in length; while the parakeet is 18 cm in length. Cockatiel has beautiful crested . The lifespan of this bird is 15-20 years. Some report said that a Cockatiel can live up to three decade.

They live at arid and semi arid with water in Australia. They live nomad, moving from area to other area. They often eat cultivated crops so this bird is a pest for Australian farmer.

The color of the bird is various. The nature color or wild type color is grey dominated. We can see white color in certain in wing and tail. There are orange circle in the bird faces. The male faces and crested is yellow in color; while, the female is grey in color. After domesticated, The bird have some color variation such as white, half albino, albino, lutino, silver, and more.

This bird is docile and friendly. This bird is easy to care. Like cockatoo, the bird can talk too. You should be patient to teach the bird.

This bird diet is seed and grain. Feed them with parrot food.  They can east cooked food to. This bird also like vegetables too.


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