The Different Fields in The Study of Psychology

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There are different fields involve in the study of psychology. These fields includes Physiological, Developmental, Differential, Educational, Abnormal, Clinical, Industrial, Social, Vocational, Legal, Human Relation, Mental Hygiene and Engineering psychology.

The Physiological psychology studies the relationship between the behavior and the nervous system, the sense organs, the muscles as well as the glands in the body. This field of psychology are dealing with the biological factors of individuals which help shape the human nature.

The Developmental psychology deals with the study of the development of the individuals; the changes over the period of time as well as the factors which cause these changes. This field of psychology studies behavior from the prenatal to the senescence as well as to the old age. 

The Differential psychology is concerned with the study on the the differences between individuals in their abilities as well as in their physical and mental attributes. Furthermore, this field of psychology deals with the extent to which the difference are either inborn or acquired and if this difference can be change by a special training.

The Educational psychology is concerned with the application of psychology to the educational processes. It uses psychological approaches in learning and memory processes.

The Abnormal psychology deals with the application of psychology to behavioral disorders. This all includes’ abnormalities or perception, abnormalities in emotions and memory and neurotic behavior.

The Clinical psychology deals with the mental deficiency and mental disorders,their diagnosis and treatments. In this field of psychology,the knowledge in abnormal psychology is being applied.

The Industrial psychology deals with application of psychological approaches to industrial establishments such as factory or office works. It involves job training methods, fatigue reduction among workers, worker motivation, selection of workers and several others.

The Social psychology deals with the examining of the attitudes and personality development of the individuals in living with their family, neighborhood and community. They also include the study of the behaviors of crowds, audiences, races or nations.

The Vocational psychology is important in discovering aptitudes for particular studies or occupation. This field of psychology attempts to help individuals to decide what sort of lifework that they should choose.

The Legal psychology deals with the application of psychological approaches with the different factors that involve in crime and delinquency. This field of psychology studies the different testimonies that are given by criminals, delinquents and witnesses.

Human Relation is a field of psychology that deals with the harmonious relations among people as well as the factors that help shape such relationship.

Mental Hygiene is also a field of psychology which studies the methods on how to care for the mind. This field of psychology helps individual to avoid from becoming mentally disturbed.

The Engineering psychology deals with the use of psychological approaches in line with the human factors within its relationship in related fields brought into being by automation and the space age. This field of psychology field aims to help in design equipment that are suited to human requirements or comfort.

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