Weight Distribution is a Key Factor to Consider When Purchasing Towing Equipment

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Are you considering purchasing a travel trailer? Most people have a tow vehicle with a 2-inch receiver mounted on their frame. In addition to this, one is required to purchase a weight distributing hitch. The purpose of the weight distributing hitch is to equalize the weight of the trailer throughout the tow vehicle, rather than dragging it like a boat. There are many brands and they are sold by the hitch weight of the trailer. For example if the hitch weight of the trailer is 1,000 pounds you would need at least a 1,000 pound weight distributing hitch.

In addition to the weight distributing hitch it is recommended you also have an anti-sway control. There are two kinds of sway controls available; the first one is a friction sway control which is very simple in its nature. It works using friction to resist the pivotal movement of the trailer. It is also referred to as a passive (Friction) system which stiffens the coupling between the tow vehicle and the trailer. The second kind is a cam system which is also referred to as an active sway control. The cam system goes beyond resisting sway and actually works to correct it. It is recommended for trailers over 30′ in length to have a dual cam sway control. The active sway control system holds the start of swaying while at the same time allowing vehicle and trailer interaction. 

There are weight distributing hitches available that have a built in sway control also. You need to do your research and let the service department of your RV dealership help find the right fit for your vehicle and trailer you are purchasing.


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