Gift Ideas For Minnesota Twins Fans

If there’s a Minnesota Twins fan on your gift list, whether it’s for a birthday or for a Christmas gift or any other occasion, there’s a gift out there that’ll have that fan singing, “We’re gonna win Twins, we’re gonna score!” Minnesota Twins-related gifts are Have a Minnesota Twins fan on your gift giving list?

Minnesota Twins Piggy Bank: A cute gift for any Twins fan, this attractive knickknack doubles as a season ticket savings plan. Your favorite fan can easily drop any spare change into the coffers. When enough money is collected, the thrifty Twins supporter can take a hammer to the ceramic nest egg, seize the collected change, and bring it on down to the Twins’ box office to buy tickets.

Tickets for a game: Any Twins fan would appreciate tickets for an upcoming game and with the new ballpark, a gift to see a game in the beautiful Minnesota sunshine would be much appreciated! For each new season, tickets go on sale in January of each year, so buying tickets for the holiday season won’t happen, but it could work for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or any other occasion. Want to make a Twins fan really happy? Get tickets to a game against their bitter rivals, the Chicago White Sox. Check out for pricing and ticket availability.

Minnesota Twins Tailgater Mat: The Twins are moving to Target Field, and this means a few changes are in store for fans. An open-air stadium, new food options, better sightlines, and TAILGATING! After being cooped up in the Metrodome since 1982, today’s Twins fans probably don’t have the proper tailgating tools. A tailgating mat is absolutely essential for any parking lot party. Kick off your shoes & relax without worry of stepping on a rusty nail, an angry Junebug, or a piece of rogue gravel. If it’s in your price range, any Twins fan would appreciate this gift.You can find it here at

Minnesota Twins Flask: Throughout the past decade, the Twins have remained competitive and on top of the American League Central Division. With a rigorous schedule of 162 games, ups and downs are inevitable each season, no matter how good the team plays. That’s when a Minnesota Twins flask comes in handy! Fill this carafe with your favorite moonshine, just in case things get rough. When the inning takes a turn for the worse, whip out the flask, dribble a lil’ bit in your soda, and drink your troubles away. Many makes and models are available for your favorite Twins fan from various online websites.

Minnesota Twins Parking-Only Signs: Finally, a sign that makes a statement! Property-owning Twins fans everywhere will appreciate this remarkable gift that lays down the law. This useful sign can be placed anywhere on the fan’s property, letting visitors know that if they’re cheering for the Yankees, Giants, Indians, or any other Major League Baseball team, they are not welcome to park their vehicle in the vicinity. These plastic, 12×18 warning signs are available through several online retailers.

There are many other doodads sporting the Minnesota Twins logo available at various online retailers; these are just a few highlights to give you some ideas.

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