Cricut Scrapbooking Spatula Tool Review

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Crafters around the world are familiar with the Cricut device – a robust paper cutting tool letting crafters to professionally create die-cut designs out from paper for their scrapbooking designs. The Cricut Spatula tool accessory is useful for lifting up the delicate paper designs from the tacky Cricut cutting mat. Nonetheless may perhaps be Cricut Spatula tool needed? Some of the it function? Here’s a overview together with the Cricut Spatula tool.

How does the Cricut Spatula tool function? Do I need this accessory?
You can certainly use your Cricut machine without buying the spatula. Your hands, a needle, or even dental floss will work. On the flip side, the spatula makes removing your fragile designs for your scrapbook easier.

The Cricut Spatula tool allows crafters to easily remove their die cut paper designs from the mat. Instead of bending the mat or even using your fingers, simply slide the spatula under your designs and remove from the mat. It’s really easy. Prior to getting my Cricut Spatula, I never knew how much time I became wasting removing items from the sticky mat.

Price and Availability
The Cricut Spatula tool ranges from $5 to $10. It can be purchased at most craft supply stores, scrapbooking stores, nonetheless you can even find it at Wal-Mart. Many online retailers sell this product, including,, or eBay. I purchased by Circut Spatula tool from Wal-Mart’s craft section for around $5.

Product Specifications
The Cricut Spaula is 7.5 inches long and then 1 ½ inches wide. The spatula end is constructed of metal. The handle is soft and even comfortable.

The Cricut mat itself is tacky to the touch & over time, the Cricut Spatula tool picks up the residue, making it hard to pick up your scrapbook paper designs from the mat. Cleaning the tool with nail polish remover helps slightly, however doesn’t seem to get the tool completely free to goo. For the price, you might be better off just purchasing another one.

Final thoughts
At under $10, the Cricut Spatula is an inexpensive, practical, useful tool for paper making. Removing intricate paper designs from the mat may be a breeze including has saved me lots of time from trying to pick the paper up with my fingernails—not to mention, I never bent, curled, or tore any relating to the die-cuts using the spatula such as I did with my fingers. The downside is that you’ll have to purchase a fresh Cricut Spatula tool periodically because of the tacky adhesive it picks up from paper making mat.


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