How to Prevent Hangnails

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It’s your wedding day and all you can think about is how your hangnails are getting caught on everything you touch. You definitely don’t need anything else to stress about!

Hangnails are tiny pieces of skin that is still attached to the base or side of the nail. The usual cause… dried cuticles. They are painful but are avoidable if you follow these helpful hints.

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Here’s How:

1. Avoid picking at the cuticles. This can be as addictive as nail biting and can contribute to hangnails.

2. Use cuticle oil or cream to keep the skin supple around the nails. Dry cuticles contribute to hangnails.

3. The minute you see a hangnail, snip it off with a pair of nail scissors.

4. Nighttime is the perfect time to baby those cuticles. Even a little lip balm massaged into the area will work wonders as you sleep.

5. Petroleum jelly is another good moisturizer for your cuticles. The fats in the jelly penetrate the layers of skin while the jelly forms a film preventing air from drying out the skin.

6. Vitamin E oil is another great method of healing hangnails quickly. Keep a supply of vials available at all times.

Can be caused by nervous habits of picking and nail biting.


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