Dmytro Kucher a Ukrainian Cruiserweight to Watch Out For

People who follow the sport of boxing from a distance and who believe the sport is a dying one often consider the Cruiserweight division to be proof that the sport is flawed. Fighters that would, once have been considered heavyweight contenders are now too small and pigeon holed into the Cruiserweight scene. Though thankfully the 190-200lbs guys who stand at 6’2” and combine heavy hands with decent speed and movement have managed to find themselves at the forefront of European boxing in recent times. Champions like David Haye, Tomasz Adamek, Jean Marc Moremeck and now Marco Huck have proven that the divisions fighters can be exciting, fun and combine the KO’s of the heavyweight division with the fitness of the Light Heavyweights. One of the divisions hidden gems is Ukrainian fighter Dmytro Kucher.

Kucher is part of the K2 East stable of fighters that is promoted by the Klitschko Brothers and was a former amateur fighter who competed in international tournaments with various levels of success. Though it was his turning over to the professional ranks which has been so interesting. He would turn professional in March 2009 and debut by beating Ukrainian tomato can Yuriy Bilinchuk in the final of 4 rounds. That victory and the 3 that followed in April, July and October of the same year seemed to show that Kucher was perhaps not going to be the star some had hoped for. He had fought his first 4 fights against opponents with a combined record of 1 win, and 15 losses and although he had on all 4 he had looked like he was going through the motions.

Since Kucher’s fifth fight however he’s really developed an attitude much more fitting of a professional fighter that is going places. First Kucher would stop the veteran Kostyantyn Okhrey inside 2 rounds, possibly ending Okhrey’s long and hard career. After that Kucher would defeat the smaller but much more experienced Vasyl Kondor by scoring a 4th round victory and then stopping the generally durable veteran Teymuraz Kekelidze. Though it was Kucher’s most recent (his 9th) bout and 9th straight win that perhaps deserves the most credit as he scored a victory over the Russian Mikhail Nasyrov who had faced former world champion Herbie Hide.

With solid backing and a growing fan base it’s hoped that an impressive victory over the solid and popular British based journeyman Joey Vegas on the 28th October will help push his name forward. With power, speed and a growing confidence the Kiev native looks to take his career to the next level. Though he’s behind guys l..ike Lateef Kayode a win over Vegas could be a good step in the right direction

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