Wrestler Profiles: The Predator

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Sylvester Terkay better known by his ring name, the Predator is an American professional wrestler and mixed martial arts expert who had stints in various wrestling entertainment companies including the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and Japan’s ZERO-ONE Promotions.

Terkay started his career in extreme combat sports in college, attending North Carolina State University. He would became one of the varsity squad’s star players. Thus, in 1992 Terkay reached the finals of the NCAA Division I Heavyweight Tournament where he met future WWE superstar and Olympic Gold medalist Kurt Angle only to lose by points and settle for the first runner-up finish.

While suiting up for the North Carolina State University’s varsity squad, Terkay trained under Rock Bassman’s wrestling school in California. After which, he was signed by the WWE to a long-term developmental contract. Disputes arise however, when Terkay appeared and performed in the small-market wrestling, the Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW,) resulting into Terkay being released from his WWE contract.

Shortly, Terkay signed a contract with the Pro Wrestling ZERO-1, a Japanese wrestling promotion incorporated in 2001. Terkay carried the ring name, the Predator and was one of the faces of the Japanese wrestling. Hence, while wrestling in ZERO-1, Terkay also participated in some mixed martial arts tournaments most notably in K-1.

In 2006, Terkay more popularly known as the Predator during that time made his debut in WWE’s wrestling brand Smackdown. In his debut match, Terka along with his cornerman Elijah Burke defeated the crowd favorite and charismatic Matt Hardy.

The following weeks saw the Predator winning match after match and so as interfering with Burke’s matches. Helping the latter win even under illicit and cheating ways.

Later that year, the Predator was moved to the WWE’s ECW on Sci-fi where the Predator assumed the role of Burke’s bodyguard. Nevertheless, the Predator’s winning streak was broken as the Hardy’s exact revenge over the MMA artist-turned professional wrestler.

Terkay had his final appearance in the WWE on January 16, 2007 in ECW on Sci-fi. Two days later, he was released by the WWE.

Since being released from his WWE contract, Terkay has had regular appearances in various Japanese wrestling promotions such as the IGF and ZERO-ONE, both based in Japan where Terkay’s alter ego, the Predator enjoys huge popularity. 

Apart from wrestling, Terkay also holds a 3-1 MMA record and a 0-2 K-1 record.


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