How to Make a Hdr With a Nikon D80

I have recently been enthused about creating a HDR image. There is a lot of “fake” HDR’s on the internet. This is a step by step method of creating a “true” HDR using a Nikon D80. HDR stands for high dynamic range. My step by step is going to use the bracket feature on your D80 to take 3 different exposures.

Since you’re taking three exposures of the same object it is very important to use a Tripod.


Put your camera in “P” or Program Exposure mode on your dial.

Press your Bracket button on the left of your camera and change your exposures to

-2. This will bracket the next 3 shots at exposures of -2, 0, 2.

Set your camera to Auto Focus and point and focus on the object you are going to use to create your HDR. Once the object is focused switch your camera to Manual so the camera won’t try to re-focus after the first shot.

Press and hold your shutter-release button until you hear that 3 shots have been taken.

After uploading these three shots you will need to use software that can map these shots together. I prefer photomatix and they offer a free trial at After you master using the 3 different exposures you can try the same steps but take 5 or more exposures. -2,-1,0,1,2 for example.

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