Tea More Healthier Than Water

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In addition, there are other additional benefits from tea consumption, which help prevent heart disease and cancer.

Extra benefits of tea come from flavonoids, antioxidants found in many plants, including tea leaves. Various studies indicate flavonoids are effective for preventing cell damage.

Researchers analyzed the results of research on the effects of tea consumption on human health. They found evidence that drinking three cups of tea per day may reduce the risk of heart attack.

Another advantage of drinking tea is to prevent cancer, protect teeth from plaque and strengthens bones. Drinking tea is better than drinking water because the tea does not just replace the body fluids but also contains antioxidants, so that we can be an extra benefit.

During the tea has been thought to actually cause dehydration. Studies on caffeine was shown at very high doses can cause dehydration,  a cup of tea or strong coffee, researchers are still getting the benefits of fluid replacement.

However, tea can also disturb the absorption of iron from food. Therefore, people who suffer from anemia is not advised to drink tea at meals.

So, try to start the consumption of tea every day. But too many excessive consumption of tea will be bad for your body, especially the kidneys. And also you have to be careful with the tea that contains chemicals such as pesticides. You will not get the benefits of tea but a disease of tea containing pesticide.


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