How To Make Friends

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Friendship is really important for each and every person. Friends are those who can support in all kind of life situations. Some people have a great amount of friends and acquaintances, but some are not that lucky and face lots of difficulties in finding friends.

First of all, nowadays, with so great resource as internet, a person can easily socialize with others. So that would be a great if a person can point out his hobbies and interests and try to search for groups of people who are interested in the same things. Usually the problem of making relations links to the ability to keep the conversation. When a person is too shy, he won’t be able to keep on talking much and hardly manage to start any topic by himself. So when you are surrounded by many people with the same interests then it is much more easier to keep the conversation to go on.

A good sense of humor is the key to any company. People love to laugh and feel happy, so why not to try this option as a way to put yourself into the picture. A good sense of humor is not a skill, it’s just the point of view on the situation with the positive state of mind. So stay positive all the time, life is interesting to explore.

Don’t forget your real life. Internet can help you out a bit, maybe even train you in talking, but it is still difficult to make good proper friendship from a scratch, you will have to push the relations into the real world to make this friendship real and strong. Try to join some courses again according to the interests you have, this will give you additional opportunity to meet new people and socialize more.

If you are a college student then it is really easier to make friends by participating in different events. It can be sports events or other contests. Sport is just the right way for everyone, whether you choose to go to the gym or join a tennis class. It’s up to you.

Try online games too. There are tones of MMORPGs nowadays to choose from. And that’s a sure way to make new interesting meetings.

After you have decided where to start from, you should take another step and move forward to people. Don’t sit and wait when someone start talking to you. Ask yourself why do you feel shy? Is that because the way you look or you doubt about your abilities to talk and your knowlegde? And now ask yourself, what do you know of the person whom you want to talk to? … Nothing… Exactly, nothing. That’s just the same the other person knows about you. And it’s your common interest to find out more about each other. Looks its only the cover of the book, its smaller part. Yes, we do choose the book according to its’ cover, but that doesn’t mean the book is actually interesting. You may put it aside the next moment you take it. Always stay positive, no matter what people think of you and tell about you, you must stay positive because there are even more people who really likes you and enjoys your company.

Stay public. Don’t sit at home all the time and wait for something to happen by itself. It won’t. You have to take a step to move on, so take it. Keep in your mind, that all people are just the same. Each of them is another book to read.


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