Top 5 Reasons The Terran Thor Is The Most Popular New Unit In Starcraft 2

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Of all my articles about Starcraft 2, the Terran Thor article has been the most popular by a large amount. As soon as I saw the Thor for the first time, I knew it would have mass appeal for several different reasons. What follows are the top five reasons why the Terran Thor is most popular new Starcraft 2 unit.

5. He’s A Big Freaking Mech

What’s not to like about a big Mech with big guns and big missile launchers, who excels at blowing up lots of stuff? I would imagine that most fans of the Mechwarrior series would say that the Thor is their favorite new unit.

4. He Completely Owns Mutalisks

A pack of Mutalisks can really ruin your day, especially if all you have to fight them off is some Marines. The fastest way to shut down an opponent that has lots of Mutalisks is to start building Thors. The Thor’s massive range advantage, extra damage to Light units, and splash damage on his air attack ensure that any opponent foolish enough to keep his Mutalisks in a battle with Thors will quickly lose them.

3. He’s The Best Massive Unit Of All The Races

The Thor’s power and relatively low cost, in addition to how quickly you can start building them, combine to make the Thor the best Massive unit of all the races. The Battlecruiser is expensive, takes a long time to build, and takes forever to get anywhere. Thors may move slow, but you can always use Medivacs to move them around the battlefield faster.

On the Zerg side, Ultralisks are still pretty much a joke and Brood Lords take forever to build. For the Protoss, the Colossus is good at quickly wiping out lots of small ground units, but its terrible Achilles’ Heel of being able to be attacked by air units severely limits its usefulness. The Carrier is much weaker in this game compared to the first Starcraft, and is overshadowed by the new Void Ray.

2. He’s The Best Terran Endgame Unit

For the reasons listed above, Battlecruisers are not worth the trouble in most cases. A few Thors, along with some Siege Tanks and MMM (Marines, Marauders, and Medivacs), can usually win a battle unless greatly outnumbered.

And the number one reason the Terran Thor is the most popular new Starcraft 2 unit is…

1. Awesome Voice And Quotes

The Thor sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger, and a lot of his quotes are Starcraft versions of famous Arnold movie quotes. Perhaps the best one is the modified quote from Conan the Barbarian, “What is best: to crush the zerg, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of the protoss.”

As with all Blizzard RTS games, some of the best quotes are heard when you repeatedly click on the same unit. I recommend that everyone should do this to the Thor and every other unit in the game, as some of the quotes are quite funny.


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