Smart or Stupid Self Image Test: Are You Dumb or a Snob?

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Smart or Stupid Self Image Test: Are You Dumb or a Snob?

Would you rather be a dim-wit than a too-smart-for-you smug? Or a whiz kid rather than a lucky-just-cause-I’m-beautiful? Are you smart? Or you just think so? Smart enough? Or TOO smart?

How’s your sense and sensibility?

Self Image Quiz: The Smart or Dumb Self Image Test


Check the numbers that best describe your self. Check all that apply. Don’t worry – we don’t have to know your results. So be honest.

  1. You bought a self-help book as a gift for someone.

  2. When something financially fortunate happens to you, you tell your pals, “I’m just lucky.”

  3. When going to a ski site with friends or family, you’d rather stay in the lodge and sip hot choco than take fun ski lessons.

  4. When you mess up, you scold and scorn yourself.

  5. When someone says or does something stupid, you try hard to stop from saying something nasty.

  6. You say, “You know” a lot.

  7. You’re not French, but have ordered French food, in French.

  8. You’re more comfortable in spandex or tight leather than in a political or opinionated conversation.

  9. When someone chats about a person you’ve never heard of, you just nod and wish the subject changes shortly.

  10. You fear the “What do you think” question.

  11. You have a personal blog.

  12. You think you’re the “dim one” in your family.

Now enough of how you see your self. Let’s find out how others see you.


If you checked mostly odd numbers, you are a brainy airhead. If you checked mostly even numbers, you are a humble egghead. So what do you do?

Self Image Advice:


For the Brainy Airhead: You are smart and self-assured, but try to avoid always correcting others, dominating conversations, or making snooty remarks. Don’t be a boast. Ask questions instead of always answering them. Try to listen more. Quick Fix: Don’t interrupt when someone’s speaking.



For the Humble Egghead: You are typical and down-to-earth, but stop yourself from getting too insecure. Don’t play safe. Show people your strengths. Don’t be afraid to be yourself around others. Take the spotlight for some time. Quick Fix: Be aware of your mannerisms and try to look into other people’s eyes when speaking. >

A new species:

You become a brilliant ordinaire if:

  1. You are approachable. Your coworkers chat with you about the latest and newest movies, hangouts, or happenings.

  2. You hear, “Thanks for listening” a lot.

  3. You engage in lighthearted conversation not only with your friends but also with your boss and/or the janitor.

  4. You are considerate and just. You mention other people’s contributions when the boss applauds you of a job well-done.

  5. You are responsible. When you mess up with a project, you admit your error and attempt to correct it.

  6. You are a concerned citizen. You tend to know you’re congress -man/ -woman’s name. You consider other important people.


Admitting when you’re wrong and giving other’s their due credit becomes your strongest asset. Yes you are equally smart at heart and in the head, but to improve yourself further: Don’t downplay your intelligence; show people what you’ve got, but also consider other’s abilities. Share your knowledge, but in a way that will inspire rather than make others envious. Be sensible in other people’s eyes by being interested in their story. Being modest and respectful makes you seem smarter than any genius.

(c) Ae Dechavez

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