How to Unblock Your Nose, Free & Easy, no Drugs!

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Do you have a blocked nose? Well there’s good news for you! You don’t need to

take pills, water pump things, nose picking, or whatever else you do to unblock your

nose! You just need to prevent the cause.

You can live days without water and food but only a few minutes without

breathing. What does breathing have to do with blocked noses? Well your nose gets

blocked because you’re breathing wrong.

Yup, about 90% about the world breathes wrong. 9% of that 10% people don’t

consider breathing and were probably born with good breathing. 1% of the world

changed there breathing with information and training.

Why haven’t you heard about breathing right? Doctors, media, and just about everybody

thinks they breath right or think they know how to beathe right. They don’t and that

wrong information is sent to everyone in the world. Again only 10% of the world is

breathing right.

Ok so I could cover well over 100 pages about breathing right and why we

breathe wrong and how breathing is related to every chronicle disease. But most people

think they breathe right and aren’t concerned about something like this. Instead I’m just

going to give you a short lesson on unblocking your nose!


Nice and easy now

1) Stand up or sit up straight
3) Close your mouth and pinch your nose shut
5) Nod your head (slowly)
7) Keep your nose pinched and your mouth closed till you have a strong air hunger
9) Now let go of your nose (keep your mouth shut) and breath in and out slowly
11)Make sure you do not take in a fast, deep breath
13) Try to calm your breathing down.

By this point, your nose will be completely unclogged or it will be mostly unclogged.
Wait 30 seconds if you want to perform the exercise again


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