Why India Needs a Guantanamo Bay

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Guantanamo Bay was a naval base situated near Cuba. Guantanamo Bay had a detention facility. After 9/11, the United States declared a war on terrorism. And soon, Guantanamo Bay became a detention centre for suspected terrorists.

Suspected terrorists here were tortured to no end. Guantanamo Bay was entrusted to the hands of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Several brutal torture methods were used such as water-boarding, confined quarters, solitary imprisonment and many others. The suspected terrorists were brutally tortured. The CIA hid Guantanamo away from the public and refused entry to Human Rights activists or the Press.

At the same time, the CIA gave the hint about the brutality used against the inmates in Guantanamo. This scared the terrorists and jihadists world-wide. As long as Guantanamo Bay remained open, there were no terrorist attacks on U.S soil. Guantanamo Bay was clearly used as a tool in the war against terror and it made the war on terror a major success.

India is under the threat of Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism. India’s soft policy and vulnerabilities make it a very easy target for terrorists. India lacks powerful legislation against terrorists. Therefore, India is targeted by terrorists repeatedly and fearlessly.

What is needed is fear in the hearts of the terrorists before they strike India. India needs something similar to Guantanamo Bay where suspected terrorists would be detained. The terrorists should be tortured instead of killing them fast. When a person is confirmed to be a terrorist and is backed by evidence, all human rights to the terrorists should be barred at once. Torture of the highest level should be inflicted.

Current legislations in India protect the terrorists. This enables the terrorists to prolong the process of justice and make a joke out of the Indian judicial system. The Indian tax payer is forced to pay for the terrorists till he is hanged. Terrorists use the loopholes in the system and prolong their sentence. A good example is Afzal Guru. He was caught alive during the Parliament attacks on December 13th, 2001. He was sentenced to death and since the past 3 years, he has not been put to death and is alive even now.

Therefore, we need to show the terrorists that we will torture them to no end and that we have no fear. We shall bar all human rights of those who threaten humanity. We need to show that terrorists will be tortured forever and be treated worse than vermin. To ensure our freedom, we require a Guantanamo Bay of our own.


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