Finding Percentages

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   One of the most useful principles in math is how to calculate percentages. We see percentages everyday from sales in papers and at stores to figuring the taxes on your pay and wages. I will explain procedures for finding percentage from three different angles. With these simple steps, you can be doing percentages like a pro, in no time.

Let’s take the following problem in our example:

32% of 53 is ______?

The formula for figuring percentage is as follows:

  32        =         n  

100                  53

The percentage is always at the top of the left side.

100’ will always go on the bottom of the left side.

The whole amount or ‘what you are finding the percent of’ is always at the bottom of the right side.

Then you cross multiply (multiply the numbers diagonally across from each other):

32 * 53 = 1696           100 * n = 100n

Now, these two answers will equal each other:

100n =  1696

To find the number for ‘n’ you need eliminate the ‘100’. Since it is multiplied by ‘100’, you must divide both sides by ‘100’:

100n / 100  =  1696 / 100

The ‘100s’ on the side with ‘n’ will cancel each other out, leaving just ‘n’ on the one side. The other side will come out to 16.96 when you move the decimal two places to the left to divide by 100:

n  =  16.96

So, 32% of 53 is 16.96

This formula can also be used to calculate the answer, no matter which way the problem is presented. You just need to plug the numbers in.

What percent of 53 is 16.96?               n    =  16.96               53n = 1696      n = 1696/53

                                                           100        53                                          n = 32

16.96 is 32% of ______?                    32  =  16.96               32n = 1696      n = 1696/32

                                                           100         n                                           n = 53

I hope this helps you in figuring out percentage in your studies, as well as in your daily life. Please be on the look out for my new articles on other math subjects. All of my articles are actual solutions with work and explanations for maximum clarity and understanding.

COMING SOON:   Algebra, fractions, etc.


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