Oral And Dental Problems

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Perforated teeth and fresh breath is not the main types of oral and dental problems most frequently encountered the dentists in various parts of the world. Other dental problems is stains on the teeth, also bacteria problem.

Dental problem occurs more frequently because people do not regard the problem as a matter of serious teeth. They know the cause and know how to prevent it but not done.

Citizens are also not used to check his teeth when there are no complaints.
For example gingivitis is very much happening. Often people do not realize because the disease does not provide pain.

Initially, gingivitis occurs because plaque piling, then become a breeding ground of germs that irritate the gums and an infection. Dental and swollen, bleed easily, sometimes even ill.

Precautions oral and dental problems is simple,  brushing their teeth properly twice a day with toothpaste that helps the maximum protection to the teeth.

In addition to dental problems, other problems inherent in the mouth is gum. Gum disease occurs when oral health is not well guarded. This causes the occurrence of plaque that can harden into tartar that contain bacteria that cause gingivitis, which is inflammation of the gums were swollen and bleed easily when stressed.


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