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Carrying on from my popular How To Hubs such as Build Backlinks With Yahoo Pipes I want to introduce you to one very quick and easy trick to multiply the reach you have with your present blog.

Let’s say you have a WordPress Blog with ten pages. This How To will increase your ten page blog to 340 pages and reach audiences all around the world. Your blog will be indexed on every available search engine that accesses the internet.

The way to do this is to add a Global Translator button, or buttons, to your blog.

Global Translator is a plug-in that will automatically go through each of your pages and translate it into 34 different languages. Here is what the Global Translator button looks like on my site, New Hair Styles For Women.


You will see the translator buttons cover 34 different languages. A visitor to your site can choose their choosen language and read your posts.

When you add the widget to your site the program will automatically translate each and every page of your site and place it in a cache. It is this cache that is also indexed in the search engines, the search engines applicable for the chosen languages in the translator button.

This simple addition will increase the amount of pages on your blog, included in your sitemap.xml that is submitted to G Y and MSN.

The plug-in can be downloaded from this site for free:- http://www.nothing2hide.net/wp-plugins/wordpress-global-translator-plugin/


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