How to Plan a Cheap Vacation For Your Family

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Vacation is great time for your family to share happy moments together. However, the expenditure of a family vacation can be intimidating if you factor in the price increase of peak season, such as transportation and lodging. Summer and winter holidays are great for traveling. But from a financial perspective, they can be drainage to your savings account. Even so, you don’t have to frown in the face of a family vacation. When you take some time to plan your vacation in advance, the chance of taking a cheap vacation is still there. Below are some tips for you to achieve this:

Make a To-Do List
The prospect of a vacation would put your spouse and kids in excitement. Everyone would like to have a say in it. However, should you attempt to do all things in one single journey, the expenditure would undoubtedly skyrocket. Conflicts often arise when your family find out they can’t do what they dream to do. To control the situation and not to increase your spending by doing everything, make a to-do list and have everyone agree on it.

Choose a Cheap Transport
Flight rate can get quite expensive in high season. Depending on your destination, you can opt for other cheaper transport, such as car and train, to save more bucks. Besides, make sure to compare the offers of different transport providers before making your final decision.

Use Your Frequent Flier Miles
Planning a cheap vacation doesn’t mean you have to avoid air flight completely. The frequent flier miles you earned over the years is the next thing you should turn to if you plan to take a plane. Be sure to check the offers and promotion before deciding on your destination. Even though you don’t have any miles in your account, planning your vacation three or four months beforehand has its advantage because the earlier you book your flight tickets the cheaper they would be.

Pick a Cheap Lodging
When you travel with you family, you have more choices of where to stay. Other than an expensive hotel, you can choose to stay in a hostel, a guesthouse, or even a rented apartment. They are more affordable and can let your children have more fun.

Estimate Your Finance in Advance
No doubt that finance is the most important factor in a cheap vacation. Months before your departure you should come up with a financial plan, so you won’t be back from your vacation in debt. As a forethought, discuss with your spouse how much you plan to spend and how that would affect your spending and saving habits in the coming months.

Good planning is at the core of a cheap vacation, and it makes your travel enjoyable and affordable.


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