Final Fantasy Xiii

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Final Fantasy XIII, the birth of the child the “Fabula Nova Crystallis series” that Square Enix is hard at work, finally came to America. And the advent of a game in many aspects unique and cliched. However, cliches does not necessarily mean they are bad. In fact, FFXIII uses them well, the game may as well set the standard for current gen JRPGs. But enough about that. Final Fantasy XIII is a great game that every RPG fan should experience.

Final Fantasy XIII takes place in a world called cocoon, where the people live in bliss for their life-savers demigod, the fal’Cie. The fal’Cie are so many things that humans rely on to survive: food, shelter, travel, and other goods. Well within their power is the ability to create l’Cie. Cie L’people granted magical powers, in exchange for fulfilling a focus. Their common focus was something to do fal’Cie protecting and preserving its life. Unfortunately, the people are scared to death by the l’Cie, which causes too many problems throughout the game. The protagonist, Lightning Farron, is a battle hardened soldier who has a craving for revenge against fal’Cie. In his pursuit to save his sister, Serah, from being one of the tools fal’Cie’s, he encounters five memorable characters, all of which were killed at l’Cie, which being thrown into a World of rebellion with him. Sazh Katzroy, an airship pilot who lives for the happiness of his son. Snow Villiers, Serah’s fiancée and “Heroes.” His goal in life is help others, and create a generous living Serah. Hope Estheim, a confused, child looses his mother, and has an absent father. In addition to the cocoon, there is a planet named pulse, hated by everyone in the cocoon and known as “hell” Two characters from there, Vanille and named Fang.

The story of Final Fantasy XIII is in slow times. I found a bigger part of the game to be the description that happens during the course of the game. Most of the characters are very dull attitudes toward issues early in the game, and as you play, you see them learn more about the world and how it actually works. It’s great to see a bunch of strangers come together because of their unfortunate fates. The story does not pick up for a while, but the characters and their personalities more than make up for it.

In the past, Final Fantasy has always done through the battles “random encounters,” where the player is walking at any given moment, a conflict can occur only by movement. Final Fantasy XII, who was done away by the enemy engaged in the head when seen in the field. Once again it has been refined to XIII, where the player will see the enemy on the field, and how engaged the players and enemies will go to a screen to fight as a fight against the field. This is probably my favorite battle system, just behind the XII’s.

The game starts off slow game-play wise. Throughout the entire game, play the control of a character, and any other characters that are present at a party controlled the game itself. Initially, players start with very few resources and can not change classes. However, as the game progresses, the ability to “Paradigm Shift” will be essential. What this means is that at any given moment in battle, players can change their party to fit any role they may need. Players set their paradigms before battle, with the option of creating characters that fit six different classes: Commando, Ravager, Medic, Sentinel, Saboteur, and Synergist. Some deal damage, others soak it, some magic and cast spells and heal. Each is completely different and to be effective in combat, players must use each correctly.

The game moves very quickly and to cope with different situations, players should emulate shift to fit their needs. The gameplay in XIII is very good and balanced, and up to the next level of the game really comes into play attack. Each character learns different spells at different times from their own paradigms, so the players will have many choices to make in choosing a party they want to stick to. The combat system has kept me busy for hours, looking for new and more challenging enemies to test my skills.

Final Fantasy XIII was a great experience for me in terms of a current generation JRPG. I thought the story was put together, implementation of the government hierarchy and the power of people. It’s actually seen a lot of issues that are present in society today. As for the character, they are top notch. Each has a very real personalities, almost like people you can meet in real life. As for graphics, I could not have been more awestruck. I have the displeasure of playing on an old TV, but when I saw the game on a HDTV, I was blown away. Each action is detailed, each hair was blown into the air, the clothes naturally form a body. It was really amazing to compare video games now in 10, even five years ago. So much progress was made graphically, and Final Fantasy continues to push the limits. The sound track is beautiful, with a good mix or vocal songs orchestrated and implemented within the game. The best part of the game, without question, is the gameplay. Fighting and defeating enemies, they are animal or boss battles, you feel you’re accomplishing something grand. The game is Fun!

Sadly, at the beginning of the game is the weakest part of the whole package. Those who prefer to rent games before buying failed, unless of course they played a great value and learn how fun and deep game can get. The selling point for me is the combat system, and the beginning is a poor representation of it. I’d say that this game should be a purchase, especially if you are a fan of RPGs or Final Fantasy in general. The graphics, music, stories, characters, and gameplay is excellent. Players just need to give the game a chance. That being said, go out and buy Final Fantasy XIII! This is a great game that everyone should have the opportunity to experience.


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