Hen filled with delicious mixture

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This is not a traditional recipe for preparing a hen filled with delicious mixture. The recipe although easy for preparation needs some more time for cooking. The time of preparation is about 2 hours. The recipe serves 5-6.


1 hen

3 cups of rice

1 cup of oil

½ sour cabbage head

Black pepper

2 tea spoons of red pepper

1 tea spoon herbs (depending on your favorite herbs)

Method of preparation:

Clean and wash the hen. Put it in a sauce pot full in water. Boil it. Meanwhile prepare the mixture that you need for the filling of the hen. Pour with hot water the rice and add the ½ of the sour cabbage cut into stripes. Then pour the oil and two cups with warm water. Stew the mixture. When it is prepared spice with salt ,pepper and herbs. Fill the hen with the mixture and place it in a casserole which has on its bottom the second part of the cabbage. Pour water and cabbage sauce. Cook for about an hour and a half.

Decorate with s sour gherkins, cooked carrots. You can use also salad prepared with peppers and tomatoes. Enjoy!


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