Why Go Herbal

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In a technology-driven era, medicinal and cosmetic breakthroughs have taken place that gives us remedies for individual health and beauty needs. Health-wise though, chemists are continuing research to develop synthetic drugs that treat or prevent many ailments or diseases, as well as improve the quality of one’s health.

However, there is a growing effort toward medical advances, there is also an ongoing threat to our health. This leaves a question in the minds of all if manufactured drugs is safe enough for human health.

Basics of herbal medicine

Recent studies advocate the use of herbal remedies instead of the usual synthetic drugs. The types of remedies are also known as ‘natural’ and ‘organic’.

Studies of most herbs have revealed that aside from food, wood, or beauty, herbs also have medicinal purposes components. Some edible plants and herbs can also be utilized as a medicine. In fact, the common home remedies make use of plants that have curative effects.

To produce herbal medicine, various parts of a plant or grass is utilized, from the leaves, stems, seeds, fruits, bark, and roots.

Dietary supplements vs. Synthetic Drugs

Unlike manufactured medicines, herbal remedies are called dietary supplements instead of drugs.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) created guidelines for the use and manufacture of chemicals to produce drugs. These drugs are made specifically for the treatment and cure of diseases or ailments and improving health conditions. There is an ongoing effort on the part of drug research to find cures for the most rare disease.
Meanwhile, herbal medicine is considered as dietary supplements because they do not have approved therapeutic claims. Though they contain several components such as vitamins, herbs, minerals, or amino acids, they are recognized as a substitute for any medicine or food. Instead, they may only be taken as a supplement (hence the term) in your diet.

Growth of herbal remedies

As efforts to produce highly effective synthetic drugs or medications intensify, many also recognize the risks of chemically produced drugs, especially when taken in large doses. Ironically, as the technique of manufacturing of most drugs become more complex, people now choose to turn to herbal remedies as a more effective and natural method of treatment for their condition.

In terms of quality and safety, herbal supplements have been given by the FDA approval. Chemists are isolating the plant’s active ingredients to produce a treatment or life-saving drugs so it mainly with natural composition. From a mixture of grass or plants, they are made of gel or powder form packaged as capsules or tablets.

Scientific studies support the idea that herbal supplements are a safer and more effective options for health treatment. Now that they are globally recognized as the new alternative medicine, it also inspires people to preserve our natural resources.

Rediscovery of Herbal Remedies

Moreover, although drugs are now manufactured using components from herbs or medicinal plants to produce semi-synthetic drugs. Thus, it recognizes the power of healing herbs and plants.

This is not to say that herbal medicine is not proven their important roles in medicine. Before the introduction of the goods drugs, people and practitioners alike have enjoyed the natural and organic benefits of most spice and herbs. For this type of treatment using natural elements, it is cheaper as compared to most drugs, making it a practical option.

Versatility of grass

Not like goods produced drugs to treat a particular type of disease or conditions, herbal remedies are quite versatile. Listed below are common plants or grass and the corresponding ailments which they are known to heal;

* Feverfew – a fragrant herb that was originally meant to cleanse the air and as an ornamental plant is also known to treat fevers, colds, indigestion, and diarrhea

* Santolina – mainly used as hedges, are also known to treat herpes and intestinal worm infestation, then, when it is soaked in wine, it could be used as an aid in snake bite

* Elderberry – its juice is known to soothe sore throats and relieve coughs

There are many more plants and herbs known as effective herbal treatments. Therefore, finding remedies to common health conditions need not be expensive. In fact, you can even see it straight from your garden.


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