a Heart's Tale

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There was once a heart so loving that at at age of 15, she trusted it to an older one ( 21 years old) never thought that it was full of foolishness for the guy never really loved her at all because all he wanted was a toy.

The angry heart became unforgiving for 3 years, but then when her debut came, another one came… a bubbly and cool one that it made her world happy again. Sad to say, all they have was a brotherly and sisterly love…for the guy fell for another girl ( which happens to be close to both of them )

Another year passed, the heart got busy with loving the unsaved souls…met many loving hearts…and suddenly found herself caring and loving an unlovable heart. This unlovable heart had so many pains and anger for the world but still welcomes the loving heart. They enjoyed each others company…but still, they didnt get the chance to love each other, for the guy is so upset with his hardships and didnt want her to suffer also those.

Poor heart, almost there but not yet there.

She met another heart, a heart longing for love. In short, they’re the perfect pair. Everything goes smoothly.

Finally, the heart found her partner. All they have was the sweetest memories, unforgettable and full of joy.

But then, busyness come in the midst of them, also confusion and suspection and complication that brought both of them to conclusion.

She thought it was forever, but forever was now gone.

They ended up in good terms but the presence of many other hearts getting the attention of the lonely heart made the guy irritated and gave her hurting words, with such response lonely heart decided not to talk to him anymore.

She made friends with those hearts but never gave them the chance to love her for she got afraid that they will do what her past have done.

The heart made herself busy with work. She work and work and work but then work lead her to another heart……… a broken heart who kept special place for her the moment he met her.

Seeing his sincerity, the lonely heart opened her heart again for love.

Now, she prays that this will be the last time she’ll fall in love again.

Only God knows for He’s the director, He’s the one who ‘ll lead and end the journey of this heart… for now, it’s going to be a heart’s tale


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