Just a Story

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Just wanna share a story of a girl who met a boy.
The boy was a newcomer on the girl’s church and is mending a lonely heart longing for love from his family and a distant affair.
They became good friends due to the girl’s friendliness and because of that, the boy find himself falling for the girl.
The boy directly told the girl despite the fact that he had a girlfriend away, and the girl is fallen with another guy who barely noticed her.
The girl got confused and ended the friendship.
The boy apologized and did all the things that can bring back their friendship, and he succeeded.
They became good friends again.
Came an event, in which the girl will be able to see again the guy she had fallen with….this brought hurtaches on the boy ( because he’s falling deeply for the girl and decided to end his long distance relationship).
The boy gave the girl and guy time to spend with each other while he met with other people on that event.He met another girl who has a story similar to him, and all of a sudden…they became good friends.
As for the girl, she realized the boy’s value on her, as well as his advantages compare to the guy she had fallen with so she decided to give him a chance…but then she saw him with another girl.
After that event, the boy and another girl got too close.
The girl was hurt.

The girl, although hurted…tried to be friendly on the another girl.
Fate intervenes because it lead the girl to be assigned on a far location, and there she merely realized how she had fallen to the boy. The boy is now turning his attention on the another girl.
After a couple of weeks, he is still longing to see the girl and how he wanted to be with her soon. He found himself deeply fallen in love with the girl…not with the another girl.
He did all the things to contact her, to let her know how much she mean to him.
On the other hand, the girl is trying to hide herself from the boy, thinking it was the best way. She found out the boy’s true feelings.
Confused…she hardly prayed for it. She made herself busy with ministry but still found herself longing to see him.
The girl sacrificed her feelings for the boy.
Knowing this, the boy decided to wait for God’s right time for the two of them.

Came another event which will make them meet.
They hardly greet each other.
But then, only the two of them were left to confrontation.
The boy told her all his pains of loving her.
The girl did the same thing.
They realized the love they’ve kept for so many months.

After that moment, the boy formally courted the girl.
They got engaged and are now happily cherishing each other.

As for the guy (the girl had fallen with before),he was so sad upon learning that the girl and boy got engaged (because he’s also fallen with the girl, but dont have time to tell her).
While the another girl…she just withdraw from the story after knowing the boy’s true feelings.

This is just a story.
My story.


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