Can You Cope With Insults?

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We  feel so depressed and experience a lot of pains and unhappiness when somebody insults us. We feel like being in hell. Nevertheless, great people have proved that insults could not affect themin any way.They could cope up with insults very easily.

Once the Buddha went to  many small towns and villages to preach his principles. When he was in a particular village some people who were against his teachings recognized him and started to abuse him with harsh and uncivilized words. Nevertheless, Buddha remained quite calm and unaffected. Their abuse and insults did not have any impact on him. They were astonished at this great quality. Thereby, they felt ashamed on themselves and asked him how it was possible for him to endure such insults.

The Buddha told them,” I was visiting a village just before coming here and some of my followers presented me with food and many gifts. I did not need anything and therefore they had to take back all the gifts with them. Similarly, I do not like those words you just hurled at me, you have to take them back too. Therefore I have no need to worry at all”.

There is really no need to worry when we  face insults. Every one has to go through this phase of life at one point of time or another, so why should we worry? On the other hand if there are any mistakes in ourselves we should try to correct them instead of brooding on the insults. It is far better to analyze the situation and learn how to overcome and correct our faults, than to feel upset over it. We should in fact be thankful to those persons for pointing out our mistakes. It is worth to mention here that some great achievers took the insults as their biggest motivating factors and came up in life with flying colors.


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