Simple Stress-Busters

aagh… who wants stress?

whether we like it or not, it’s there…it’s the result of this changing world, of other people’s carelessness and high expectation and attitude that affects us directly or indirectly….

as for me, i’m living this life trying to avoid those stress but it is still following me… ( my goodness!! )

anyway, i found out that there are common things in my life that relieves stress.. ( i never though of it )

taking a bath.. i love the water, its refreshing rush brings calmness to my senses ( especially the feeling in my skin… complimented by slight scent from shampoo and soap ).

brushing my teeth..having a fresh breath keeps me cool and confident. ( to talk and smile to other people so i myself can relieve their stress )

drawing out those wastes… who can explain the joy of drawing out all the unnecessary stuffs in your body ( just be sure, the exhaust fan is turned on, and there’s a toilet deodorizer filling the atmosphere )

walking some mile… whether in a mall or park, walking soothes my stressed mind and heart

eating sweets… not just the comfort food but also some other sweet stuffs i can see at the streets makes me forget about the bitterness of this world

well, that’s for now.. those were the simple stress-busters i can rely on.

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