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Bukisa has made dream of making money from home for many freelance writers a reality. This is really the best site that provides ongoing royalty for your quality contents. This has most transparent revenue sharing program. Like on all other sites first thing that you need to be successful on Bukisa is good quality content. In this enormous world of internet information content is king. Your content should be attractive and trendy enough to bring visitors to see it. Although Bukisa allows contents in number of categories but you should identify your niche and write contents accordingly that will help in binding long term visitors.

 The advantage of Bukisa against your own blog is that its already existing large visitor base. If you have used proper keywords in your content and title then your content could be easily seen on top of search results. Writing catchy titles for your articles will attract new visitors to see your content.

 But the real power of Bukisa comes from networking. According to Bukisa’s revenue sharing program more people in your network results in more earning. You can use your referral link (That is available on your dashboard) in your blogs, social networking sites, forums and emails to build your network. You can introduce your family and friends to Bukisa.

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