Gladiator Types

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Gladiator was a bloody sport in ancient Roman. Peoples are pitted in arena (Colleseum) until a gladiator killed. This is a cruel game. Sometimes Gladiator is ordered to kill the criminals, such as, rapper, robber, killer, and more. Gladiators also were pitted with wild animal, such as, tiger, lion, and bear.  

Gladiator is a prestigious sport. The roman emperor and senates organized gladiator area for celebrate their victory. They bring the flashback of their victory in gladiator area. Some gladiator acted as Roman enemy and some others acted as Roman soldier. The gladiator wears roman army or roman enemy army.

In the arena, Gladiator uses various weapon, armor, and helm. They use different weapon that is suitable for them. There are types of gladiator that use different weapon and uniform.

1. Thraex: This gladiator use short sword or gladius and small rectangle shield.  The right hand or hand which hand the sword are covered by armored greaves.

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2. Murmillo: The gladiators are armed similar to the Roman legionnaire which holds small sword and large shield. Murmillo use fish-like helmet which cover the head.

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3. Secutor : It is similar to Murmillo. This gladiator use small sword, small shield and helmet. They also use manica, which cover the right hand.

4. Retriatus: This gladiator is different to other gladiators because they use trident weapon. They also use net. They throw the net and then stab the gladiator.

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5.Hoplomachus: The gladiators are armed by spears, gladius, and shield like Greek hoplite. The gladiators are protected by bronze helms.


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