Poisons Conch Shinta And Jojo Became Hitz Songs This Week

Poisons conch Sprott and Jojo | Video conch Daydream Submit Duo of Death. Since the Games ‘conch Daydream’ nge top Sinta and Jojo on YouTube, Facebook group Sprott and Jojo began his new fans invaded. Starting from the 200 fans, the group is now packed with about 700 more fans.

These two sweet girls, Sprott and Jojo sings Poison lipsinc Conch Song, and captured the hearts of many people. Perhaps the teenager was tired of being bombarded with video stories
Ariel porn, until the appearance of two girls was so ignorant of Fresh entertainment.
Sprott, a college student in Bandung, wanted to make video amateur video clips video made back his girlfriend in France. Sprott invite two friends, Jojo and the Timan counsel. Uci proposes to make a video “Poison conch.” Sprott and then look for Jojo lyrics and video on the Internet. After all was ready, they both record and then get ready to upload to Facebook.

However, apparently slow to upload to Facebook. Finally, Sprott initiative upload to You Tube and in-embed into Facebook. “Got my mind’s, ‘uh, instead of You Tube can be viewed by anyone tuh ya?” But ultimately aja ya ignorant, because they never thought the effect is like now, “said Jojo on the display as O magazine cover of the edition of July 19 last.

Video clip “Conch Poison” homemade Sprott and Jojo later became a phenomenon on You Tube. Checked until Tuesday (27 / 7) this afternoon, his video has been watched by more than 320 thousand times. Sprott and Jojo Trending Indonesian artist on You Tube. Since in-upload June 18, the week was watched by nearly 50 thousand times. They were both so fun in chat forums such as this sites. Comment below their video all sorts, from a mere admiration until the ngeres. Fan page on Facebook appears Sprott and Jojo.

Latest news, a song
“Conch Poison” Charly’s attention ST12. ST12 fronted bands who recently popularized the vocal girl group Charly’s Angel was reportedly interested in rearranging the song “Poison conch.” Sprott and Jojo now reportedly coveted artist management for promotion become a real artist.

As its name so talk in cyberspace, Sprott could confide in her blog, “Actually we mean da ga ngartis GDA for fame or intentions at all, let alone get famous syndrome. Instead we fear, shame, shock,  “written in http://sintanurmansyah.blogspot.com Sprott. Blogs can now be accessed directly without the owners permission. , “(we’re) not the artist is just a fad aja looking for personal entertainment.”

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