Earn Extra Money by Marketing Your Skills

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Market your skills. Whether you know how to hem and alter clothing, research family genealogy, or troubleshoot computers, someone in your neighborhood is likely to pay for your skills. Put an ad in your local newspaper, hang a flier on a community bulletin board, or offer your services online. Below are a few suggestions…

Consult. Put your lifetime of accumulated experience to work by taking on consulting work.

Tutor. Consider offering to help teach children algebra, a foreign language, test preparation, or even drilling younger students on their multiplication tables. “People continue to spend on their kids.

Hobbies and crafts. Turn your hobby or craft into a stream of income. Offer to frame pictures, make scrapbooks, or sell your hand-crocheted doilies online. “If you love making jewelry and can sell it to little boutiques, you can make a little business out of it.

Garden. Avid gardeners can sell their excess fruits, vegetables, and flowers to farmer’s market, local garden centers, or even neighbors.

Caregiver. Offer your service to the community by babysitting or sitting with the elderly. You can provide nonmedical eldercare services for an older retiree. “You go to someone’s house and you help them out with lunch, light housekeeping, and take them to appointments.


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