Bali: The Paradise Island

There are many historical temples and interesting places for you to see over there. As ; Jugul Watu temple, Sakenan temple, the beach of Sanur, and still plenty more. That’s why, thousands of tourist from different countries come to Indonesia, they won’t miss to visit Bali.

You can almost be sure to see the bech of Sanur. If you can swim it will be confenient to swim in the sea. After that you can bask on the sand while watching the waves rolling. In Denpasar you have some attractive hotels, as : Griya hotel and so on. And you will find here some of Bali dance, as : Tari Topeng, Tari Kencak, Tari Jengger, all these dances are specially arranged for all foreign visitors. Bali is so many beautiful sceneries and panoramas, that’s why called the paradise island.

  • Sanur Beach

Sanur is one of beach in the Bali island. In Sanur we can look beautiful sunrise in the morning. Some of fishermen doing their activity and we can look and meet some foreigners enjoy the beach. The beach is very clean, because every the local citizen always keep the cleanliness.

  • Tanjung Benua

Is place for water sport, all of kind water sport there. There are spees noat, bananas boat, jet ski, para cyling, diving, volley ball an so on. There we can look some of tourist do massage. Beside that we can enjoy the sea food with sleem plate.

  • Puja Mandala

The place is in Darmawangsa, street Nusa Dua, Puja Mandala is sacred place for people in Bali. There are some workship place  for all religions in Bali. There are Pure, Mosque, Wihara, and Chapel. From there we can look that Baliness in Bali are not discriminate every religion.

  • Dream Land

Is same beautiful beach in Bali. There we can look very beauty scenery and all of foreigners take sun bathing. Very surprise for Indonesian people because there foreigners dry their body without the clothes and that not oddig in there. The weather is so hot for take sun-bathing. This is really dream land.

  • Kuta Beach

Is very long beach, here the tourist very enjoy because the beach in Kuta is very long and beautiful wase. In the afternoon we can look beautiful sunset there. Kuta is very famous places in Bali, the people in the world know it.

  • Tanah Lot Beach

Is spectacular place. There is a holly cave we can look very nice sunset in the afternoon. And all foreigners enjoy in the place. As long as the way from the parking area to the beach, there are many of the Kios which sell many kinds of the souvenirs. There is also a place for the show of the Kecak Dance, which was very popular.

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