10 Alternative Ways to Earn Extra Money

Sell Bottled Water – Buy bottled water in bulk and sell it for a dollar where there are a ton of people: parks, festivals, concerts, etc.

Plant maintenance. Just like people need help taking care of pets, they also need help with plants. Make some extra cash by taking care of house plants and even outdoor gardens while people are on vacation.

Teach a language. Do you speak another language? Do you speak English? Either way, your skills are in demand and will help you make extra money. People need to learn other languages and non-English speakers need to learn English.

Run errands. By offering to run errands for people (dry cleaning, drugstore, grocery store, post office, etc), you could earn extra money for your time while reducing your taxable income from mileage.

Photography. Do you have one of those fancy cameras? Know how to use it? You could potentially start photographing people’s children, their weddings, their anniversaries, or their parties.

Substitute Teach at your kid’s school. Teachers have doctors and dentist appointments just like everyone else. Their children get sick and they have to take care of them. When these events happen, the school needs a substitute teacher. Check with several schools (don’t forget the private schools) to see what requirements they place on subs and how much extra income you could earn.

Iron clothes. People are busy and if you offer to iron their clothes and pick up/drop off at their office, you would set yourself apart from the cleaners.

Organize for someone. If you are a good organizer people will pay for you to organize their home, or a room.

Personal chef- Can you cook? A personal chef grocery shops for people and then cooks several meals in their home, freezing them for the customer to thaw and heat at some later time.

Paint someone’s house. Paint a room for someone, or if you know how to do faux finishes there is quite a demand for faux finishing and stenciling.

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