How to Gain Readers by Going Through Your Work

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This article was originally published by me on As it recieved a Starpage-award I decided to share it here on Bukisa as well.  You can find the original article and other articles written by me by clicking Here.


I have been around here on for a short while now and even though I am new to the scene of writing, I have found some valuable information by trying to draw the attention of readers to my articles. I am certainly not one of the most read authors around here, and as you can see on my profile-page I haven’t reached a thousand page-views yet.

Never the less I believe I have found some great resources for gaining readers as my stats gets better by the day. At a peak of almost 150 page-views yesterday (Which I consider quite well when taking my short stay here in consideration) I am confident that these methods work.

Either way, they are all completely free and just takes some of your time to do. So once you decided if you really are gonna watch tonights rerun of Dexter, you can get going.

My “Gain reader”-theories

I tried a few things up until today and in this article I will present the ones that given me the best result. Well, at least I believe so since I see patterns, but I can’t be sure since WikiNut doesn’t tell me where the traffic comes from. *Waves and winks toward the webmaster*

The things I will bring to your attention is the following.

  • Star-pages

  • Re-write and re-format your old work

  • Using Facebook to your advantage

  • Browse other authors

  • Choosing the right topics

  • General hints


While it’s not up to you to decide whether or not your page will receive a Star-Page badge, I advice you to really do your best attempt to get one. Don’t overwork it though. If advanced formatting is not needed, you shouldn’t use it just to try to impress the person who reviews your work. Try to focus on making your article comprehensive and interesting to read. However, even though the moderator who reads it likes it, it is not a guarantee for the badge.

At the moment I have four star-pages (Maybe five, *Waves and winks at the moderator*) and these generates page-views. Star-pages can be found by clicking the Star-Page category to the right of this text and since only certain pages can be found here there is a high probability that your page will be read.

Also, whenever I browse the categories I rather click an article with a star on the image than one without. I think most people do this. When I am done reading the article I usually check for other good content by the same author and if I find something more I like I start following.

Here is tons of articles with tips

Re-write and re-format your old work

When your work is done you get some tips from the moderator on how you could improve your pages further. I really recommend you to follow the advice you get. I have gained no less than three out of my four Star-Pages by re-writing and re-formatting articles.
Once a few days has passed your mind had time to get cleared up from the subject and when you re-read your text you will probably find at least a few things to change. When you are working on an article and want to get it finished it is easy that you get tired and your criteria for what you consider good is lowered. I know this from experience at work, whenever we work overtime and the clock is moving on we get a more sloppy attitude. This happens when writing as well.

So, dust off your old articles, improve them and re-publish,

Using Facebook to your advantage

Example for the last section of this articleExample for the last section of this article

Now this is something I talk about a lot. The reason I do this is because I believe that at least half of my page-views comes through my posts on Facebook. I noticed big down-swings the days I don’t share my work on Facebook and those days I do. Out of my 650 contacts I believe I get a response-rate around 5-10%. This is good!

I do this by sharing my fan-page every day when I wake up. I put a small text telling about how the day before went. Was it a new record? Did I get a new badge?
After that I share links on my fan-page whenever a new article of mine gets published. Once this is done I once again share the fan-page with the rest of my friends, letting them know that a new article has been written. At the moment I have 75 fans and I assume that at least half of them pressed the like-button because they are interested and the rest did so just to be kind.

Go WikiNuts on Facebook!

Gain readers by creating your own fan-page on facebook

Browse other authors

I spend some time here on WikiNut reading other authors work. It is interesting, it gives me new ideas and teaches me a lot. I would recommend you to do so aswell. There are many benefits with this.

  • You can leave a comment – The author will most likely look you up and if you have done a good job he/she might be interested and read your work. However, don’t post a comment for this sole purpose, make sure that the comment comes out of your interest for the article.

  • You can start following the author – Not only will you get updated when more interesting content is published, the things I wrote above applies aswell.

  • You can learn – When reading articles submitted by successful writers you can learn a lot. Study the work and try to figure out what makes it so interesting and how come people wants to read it.

Chosing the right topics

Now this is hard!

I noticed some patterns in my stats already. Some type of articles gets more views than others. As an example I figured that people who shares their work for money would be interested in reading about topics related to money. Turns out they are more interested in reading articles about writing. While this is not a super-big surprise for me, I thought that many of the people around had a bigger interest in money than writing. Seems like I was wrong. Now that I thought about it I think that people start writing because of their interest for money, but then really gets into writing once they get going and stop caring so much about the money-part.

My advice here would be to try to type different kind of pages and see what gives you the best result. While it might be popular with recipes you might get a better result when writing about animals. I think it is a combination of two things. What you are good at and what topics have a large interest.

General hints

And here comes some general tips. I will split them up in two parts.

From my experience so far.

  • Make sure to use links. This offers the readers to go and research the topic deeper if they have the interest. Also it is a good idea to link articles written by you if they are related to the topic.

  • Read through your work. I noticed a few times when I have erased a part of what I have written that the new text that I replace it with doesn’t really fit with what was written above. Also you might notice stuff that just turned out wrong.

  • Don’t rush your articles. Rather give it some extra time than not giving it enough.

From me as a reader.

  • Try to not repeat words to much. I try not to but as English isn’t my native language my vocabulary is not big enough. By reading and writing I learn new words everyday.

  • Try to have images. Even though images is not needed to describe your subject you can use them to make the article look longer, while it will be easier to read.

  • Try to not run away. If your article is about a subject, it should be about that subject. I noticed that sometimes when I write, words just start popping up and when I am done with my page I realize that half of the text has absolutely nothing to do with the title. It is actually a tad disappointing to find a large article about something and then not learn as much as you were hoping for.

I know I am not the best to apply these things myself, but I try. I think that if you try as well you will notice that you will get more attention. I wish you the best of luck in your attempts to get more eyes on your work!


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