Social Networking: A Modern Phenomenon

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“Twitter”, “Myspace”, “YouTube”, “LinkedIn” and many others. If you do not spend much time surfing the Internet or just use it to check emails, shop on Amazon or for example, then the names of the websites that you just mentioned will not mean much to you though and know them, but I want to tell you that all these social networking sites are extremely successful and have earned their creators millions of dollars.

These social sites that the internet has encouraged even more (if possible) a global phenomenon with more impact worldwide because it invites users to stay active and current. We know too well that these social networks can easily keep in touch with former classmates, former colleagues or expanding our circle of friends by joining groups organized by common interests. Social networks have had an impact even in world politics, so it is not uncommon to see world leaders such as Barack Obama and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, already have their own sites on Facebook.

Facebook is currently the number one social network globally with approximately 400 million users.

To be honest, I’m not very regular at social networking because without realizing it, you can take a long time. But on the other hand, believe that social networks (especially Facebook, YouTube and Twitter) are indispensable for the intelligent promotion of any internet based business or home business. So, before wasting time on these social networks should be trained on how to get the most out and so that they could use to our advantage. Today, if you’re not on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, just do not exist. The more contacts with common interests, follow you on Twitter faster you can publish your articles and videos with the community of all these social networks. It is noteworthy that in this business over the Internet, it is important to provide knowledge and share opinions without expecting anything in return. In the way that most contributions, but receive. A clear example of this is to participate by commenting on blogs containing articles of interest to you and publish (Twitter) articles, sites or blogs that interest you. Why? Because the more you participate in the middle, you’ll get noticed and bloggers will realize this and begin to publish your articles and your blog only because of reciprocity.

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