How to Record Conservative Talk Radio Shows Using Your Computer

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These days more than ever before, millions of listeners depend on conservative talk radio shows as their alternative to the “mainstream media.”

But it’s not always possible to listen to your favorite shows when they’re broadcasting live.

So you buy those annual Premium Memberships to shows you like, so you can get a podcast of every program and  listen when you have time.

EXCEPT: every premium podcast membership — to Rush Limbaugh’s show, and Glenn Beck’s and Laura Ingraham’s — costs about $50.

Each. For one year only.

BUT: What if you could pay about the same amount, ONE TIME ONLY, and get recordings all your favorite talk radio shows, automatically, forever?

What if you could TRY this easy to use software FREE before you buy it?

NOW it’s easy to automatically record talk radio, then listen to all those shows whenever you want: on the treadmill, in the middle of the night, on that long flight — whenever and wherever you’ve got a PC or mP3 player or iPhone.

It’s like having “TiVo” for the radio!

This popular, easy to use software is called Replay A/V.

With Replay A/V software, you can record talk radio, then play back the shows on your PC, or download them to your iPhone or mP3 player.

PLUS with the built-in Replay A/V “Conservative Politics Media Pak”, your favorite talk radio shows are already listed for you, like a menu.

Here’s some of the things you can do with Replay A/V:

        * Schedule and Record Radio Shows and Stations
        * Find Radio, TV & Podcasts
        * Schedule and Record Radio Shows and Stations
        * Record XM and Sirius radio
        * Simultaneously Record Different Shows and Stations
        * Turn Audiobooks into mP3 Files
        * Download and Convert Podcasts and Video Blogs
        * Record from Webcams or audio devices attached to your PC
        * Record Internet TV Stations
        * Record, Convert and Copy show to your iPod/iPhone
        * Capture Online Video Clips
        * Create CDs and DVDs

CLICK HERE to watch a video demonstration of how to record conservative talk radio shows.


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