Acharaya Rajneesh And His Concept of Sexual Love

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Acharaya Rajneesh also called Osho is no more. He left this world nearly 20 years back. It is worth knowing that this man hailed from Jubbulpore in Central India and soon donned the cult of a self styled God. However he did build up a tremendous following which has outlasted his death.

Rajneesh is often referred to as a ‘love guru’ by western opponents of his teachings. But is it so simplistic an argument? There is more to this than meets the eye. We must remember that he hailed from India and like the many saints before him propounded a theory of meditation that could lead to inner bliss.

A reading of the prodigious works of the Acharaya brings out the fact that sex per se was a part of his philosophy only to the extant that it helped achieved inner peace of mind. Thus to label him as ‘sexguru‘ would not do justice to this man. We must accept that sex is the one ingredient in a human beings life that is the uppermost in his mind. Osho recognized this and integrated it with his mediation theories. Many western doctors can vouch safe for the success of his mediation techniques.

Did Rajneesh really propagate something new? The answer to this lies in the Hindu scriptures that have recognized the omnipresence of ‘shakthi’ through the sex act. So what Rajneesh really propagated is nothing new. He however must get credit for realizing this and amplifying it further. The important thing was his removal of guilt from a man and woman indulging in a union outside marriage. For him marriage was only a means to an end and not the end itself.

Rajneesh preached liberation of the mind and body from the narrow bounds of society. In the west Christian thought brings an element of guilt if sex is indulged in outside marriage. Rajneesh did not see it that way and preached an approach that is closer to the Hindu Tantra. That is the reason a lot many westerners flocked to his ashram as they were burdened with a guilt complex. Rajneesh was the outlet for them; a step towards bliss. For once the guilt complex goes out of your mind than life is much better.

The act of sex also was given a different connotation by Rajneesh. He accepted the theory of Tantra but with a difference. He advocated sex without orgasm. As per him once an orgasm takes place the further development of the mind is stopped. Rajneesh advocated a sex act that could be prolonged without orgasm. Where the man conserves his energy for repeated pleasure of his female partner and himself.

Rajneesh preached nothing new. He only restated what the Hindu scriptures have said all along. But to dub him as sex guru is a misnomer. He was a brilliant theorist who questioned set values. For this we must give him credit. The ashram at Pune founded by Rajneesh is still there and one can visit it in case one has the urge.


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