Expenses, Savings And Donations

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Out of our income or revenue only, we can incur expenses, do savings, and contribute donations. Expenses reduce our income. We have to incur some kind of expenses, which include making expenses for eating food, wearing clothes, etc., for our livelihood. We can save a little portion of our income after incurring necessary and unnecessary expenses. Savings are mainly for facing the future contingencies situations. Another great thing is offering some portion of our income as donations. Contributing money or offering service to the people in need will receive blessings of supreme power.

Curtailing Expenses:

Curtailing unnecessary expenses is necessary one in one’s own life. This is not to pronounce to lead life as a miser. We need to make requisite expenditures for our livelihood. Our expenses should not be superior to revenues. We need enjoyment; however, it is required to be within the limits of our revenues. When expenses exceeds over our revenue, we cannot exist peacefully, we will be in the clutches of creditors. They will surround us to get their money back from us.


Leading an economy life is most essential one in every body’s life. Saving is not only helpful for handling the emergencies in the future but also to live comfortably in the future. Saving a penny is equivalent to earning a penny. If a person accumulates and reserves a portion of money and/or makes investments regularly, he needs not to bother about his retirement life. His savings and investments will help him even if his children do not take care of him. Therefore, savings and investments are vital and wonderful things in one’s life.

Contributing Donations

We can magnetize vision of the Lord towards us, if we donate to underprivileged people. If some portions of each person’s income go as donation, it will satisfy the fundamental requirements of the needy people in our society. Consequently, this will eliminate the poverty at least to some extent.


We should earn by doing work sincerely or running business honestly, accumulate the money, and donate the same for witnessing the harmonious humanity.


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