5 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

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One big problem that bloggers face is, driving traffic to their blog.
We all need it, we use it for getting cash to our triond or bukisa accounts. Below I will show several effective ways
to drive traffic to your blog.

1. One thing you can do is publish more content, figure out what’s hot and then you can keep publishing stuff about that topic.
Not the most effective way but it works

2. Commenting is a great way to make friends on publishing sites, and, you can also advertise about your account or blogs.
Not the fastest way but a very effective way of gaining traffic. As you develop friends through this method, you can
ask them to read your blogs or ask them to help drive traffic.

3.Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook are also great ways to gain publicity. These sites are VERY popular and you can share
links, ask them to join (referral) and ask them to publicise for you too!

4. Sometimes what matter is quality not quantity. If you have an article that has been made with a lot of time and more
effort, it’s likely that someone reading it, will recommend it to another person.

5.Social bookmarking sites such as, Digg, StumbleUpon, and reddit are great ways to publicise for your articles.
Although it can be very hard, the reward is great in the end

Thank you for reading my article I hope you will gain after reading this.


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