Farmville Tips, Tricks And Cheats – Guide

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Are you tired of seeing your friends destroy you in Farmville? Or are you just like every other innocent facebook user who is bombarded with the constant Farmville spam and would love to shove it in the face of the losers who religiously play that stupid facebook application game that is Farmville? Either way I’m sure you would like a Farmville hack that would make you reach any level you want in no time at all. Literally. Farm, plant, plow instantly. Get an insane amount of money and seeds and animals. Show your friends who’s boss. Best of all win the game without trading your life, or even much time at all.

How do we do this hack? It is extremely easy with this awesome Farmville Hack. No need for tutorials, advice or random tips. Just cheat your way to victory. You don’t need hundreds of cheats. Just this one simple game solution that will save you hours. And your pride and dignity.

First simply stand in the spot you stand when you enter your farm.

Now simply put four notes all around you. The notes can just have a space and nothing else. You can get a note by clicking on the chat bubble looking thing in the top right corner left of where it says “users farm.” Just go ahead and make one. Put it in front of your farmville character. Then behind him / her. Then to the left and to the right of it. Simple enough.

Thats it.

Now you can plow instantly. You can plow a hundred spaces in a row if you’d like. Then you can plant your seeds instantly too. You will make so much money that you will be able to buy any fruit or vegetable you want. Your facebook friends will be so jealous because they don’t know this farmville tip. This can get you infinite farmville cash or any item you want in the game. No need for other hints or secrets. You will have this online game beat.

This is the best game in the strategy to murder your competition. You can buy super berries, fertilizer, crop whisperer, neighbors, an ugly duckling, gifts etc. Earn farmville cash quick.

Let me know what you guys think about this hack.


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