Bottom of The Inner Strength

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So far we only know about the physical strength that is in us, not all people know about the actual strength of a self in the human but can not be viewed. Strength of the human self in the fact there are two types, namely;

  1. Physical strength, is the strength or energy that is evident in the human self and they need for adequate food, if human being did not eat enough food so that they will become weak or no energy.

  2. Inner Strength, is the abstract strength or energy that is in the human self or a bottom of the inner strength, and to obtain it required full confidence, because not all human could know it

As a general description of the above, we may need to recognize an abstract strength or energy that never were by human being in the face of the earth.

Bottom of The Inner Strength, is a strength that exists in the human self that can be used for successful living and able to change the life that always fail to be a life which become always successful. The strength of this property is a warehouse that it will never be exhausted.

This strength is the strength of non-physical, abstract, can not be seen but can be felt and can be evidenced. Strength is a charm to the idea or the desire of each human being to become a reality. The strength of this very formidable and can not be measured by means of any kind because of this strength comes from God, the Creator, the earth and all its contents. This strength can not doubt it works because it is driven by an all-round strength is from God the Creator. This strength of work without stop for 24 hours and did not refuse any command sent by awareness.

You need to know that the strength of this warehouse is a response to all problems faced by mankind, and is a big secret of the success in the first time, and can store data throughout the life of the human being daily, whether we realize or not realize.

What’s driving this Bottom of The Inner Strength?

Bottom of The Inner Strength driven by the awareness of a situation where human being can control the functions of the five senses, brain and mind and heart or feeling. Because five senses, brain, mind and feeling of ability to perform an action, while the ruling to act and believe and sure of all that is awareness.

Once we know about the strength of the Bottom of The Inner Strength, what will we do? so that the strength can work perfectly in us and realize the goal or desire that has not been obtained yet.

How the Bottom of The Inner Strength can work in your self?

  1. Imagine something with a clear idea about something or ideals that you want and do it with full awareness.

  2. Set the ideas or ideals that you imagine earlier with full confidence (100%), that your desire will be realized.

  3. Stay with confidence full (100%) that will be the success of ideas or ideals, and never change your mind.

If you can do all three of these, the Bottom of The Inner Strength will automatically record and will be realizing your ideas or ideals become a reality.

When you are facing challenges or problems of any kind, you never say, “I can not!” Or “I can not afford it!” Or some words of other dirty. Because it will hamstring the Bottom of The Inner Strength that you have and it will result in a failure.

Say with a sincere heart that, “I can!”, Or “I’m capable of!”, Then the impact strength of the Bottom of The Inner Strength will be doubled, and success will be easily obtained without much effort to find it. The Bottom of The Inner Strength need time to realize your ideas or ideals because these are controlled by the power of God the Creator. Hold it with full confidence, full patience, and fortitude.

You need to know that the strength of the Bottom of The Inner Strength work of the mind awareness. The good mind will be changed to either of the good reality too, rather ugly mind will be changed to the ugly reality too. And something that should always be in mind by all of us is a doubt, because the doubt is the most powerful weapons belong to the devil to seduce and destroy the human being on the face of the earth.

The Bottom of The Inner Strength is something that must be believed by every human being, because of utilizing the strength of the grace of God means grateful. The Bottom of The Inner Strength located at the inner of each human self, if they are aware it.

The human life in the world is running very neat, because it is set by natural law; the legal consequences, legal reciprocal back, eternity energy law, the law of action reaction. So, when you think you are serious act and The Bottom of The Inner Strength will react to realize. Be a pearl among the piles of sand.

Be a wise always to keep the intention, words and deeds. The wise one is always to keep the inner, mind and sense or feeling. So think about all the right, the noble, the sweet, the fair, which is so holy and we can live in the ocean of happiness. Remember!. This life will feel wonderful when we can remove the resentment and hate.

The living law is a trust, it is the mind that believed by nature and the surrounding environment. Now life is a first mind and the life to come is a manifestation of mind now.


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